Company Organisation and Sustainability

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Public, conditions d’accès et prérequis

"Company Organisation and Responsibility" forms part of the Telecom & Networks International Master (EPN03, Dept. Electronics, Electrotechnics, Automatic Devices and Measures, EEAM). Students from different countries and contexts are welcomed in Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers (Paris) after a Master selection. No specific other conditions are expected to attend to this course.

Objectifs pédagogiques

The health crisis of 2020 demonstrated the extreme fragility of international trade and inter-organisational links, often called Global Value Chains (GVCs. This global event has also shown that the most responsible companies are best organized to face these challenges (Responsible Global Value Chains, RGVCs). CSR is one of the most important strategic leverage (Kramer, 2020, Harvard Business Review) though not so easy to implement in company organization. This course provides students with:
Theoretical frameworks, methods and practical tools to check the degree of corporate social responsibility (CSR) of international companies. The case study of the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers national Museum, i.e. a complete operational understanding of functions, managerial links, internal and external stakeholders. An audit grid to apply to an international company in relation with international sustainability standards, such as OECD guidelines, ISO26000 and so forth. A specific training to the Poster method to argue and communicate rapidly what CSR is to CEOs, Boards and other stakeholders (Employees, Subcontractors, NGOs, Civil society, Government, Local authorities).

Compétences visées

Managerial soft skills and academic knowledge are targeted such as:
- Understanding and applying audit grids backed on CSR indicators to a concrete organization (the Cnam Museum or other if not possible. If distance, a virtual company).
- Self-assessment of the UN (United Nation) 17 Sustainable Goals thanks to the Quiz/Suli Test (Sustainability Literacy Test, UN).
- Using appropriate key CSR concepts (Materiality, Reactiveness, Responsiveness, etc.) and illustrating them with concrete managerial and organizational initiatives.
- Using ISO2600 CSR dimensions and sub-indicators and other international CSR standards and relating them to company main functions (especially strategy) and organization. Students will have to audit a CSR annual report of an international organisation.
- Designing a solid demonstration with the Poster Technic.
- Controlling oral communication in limited time and a challenging context.


?This course is "hybrid" with only videos, Quiz, use of Teams and other softs so that any students can attend to it. The programme of Company Organization and Sustainability offers the following activities (to be adapted depending on the learning context):
  • Physical visit and audit of the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (Cnam Museum) in order to identify its organisation with internal and external stakeholders.
  • ? Use of auditing grids in practice (ISO26000, UN 17 Sustainable Goals, OECD guidelines)
  • Courses on main CSR concepts (videos or direct course depending on the context): Stakeholders’ Theory, Materiality, CSR and RGVCs (Responsible Global Value Chains), Business Models (BM) and Business Units (BU).
  • ? Team work including the choice of an annual CSR report and the building of an auditing grid (excel) related to ISO26000 criteria and the OECD framework.
  • Techniques to create posters and to communicate main results of this audit in limited time (Pitch) in order to convince CEOs and Boards to initiate more responsible initiatives.
  • Oral presentations in English (Posters, Excel, Power Point and possibly Mural or other interesting softs).
  • Building of an online personal directory of key CSR concepts (Materiality, CSR, Responsibility, Extra-financial indicators, Externalities, for example).

Modalité d'évaluation

- Appropriate individual online directory of key CSR concepts and company organization: 15%
- Oral communication on a critical analysis of an annual CSR report (Poster, Excel analysis and Power point): 60 %
- Active participation to this course activities (course and online activities): 20%
- Suli Test UN (Sustainability Literacy test of the United Nation)


  • Kramer : 2020,
  • De Rozario, Pesqueux : 2018, Gouvernance et Partie Prenante, in Théorie des organisations, Pearson France
  • Amit, & Srivastava, Amit & Gupta, Dr & Singh, Dr & Srivastava, Akansha. : (2017). Corporate Social Responsibility (A Literature Review). 10.13140/RG.2.2.25379.76322.Responsibility (A Literature Review). 10.13140/RG.2.2.25379.76322.
  • R. Freeman : 2010, Strategic Management, Cambridge University Press

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